The Brand


“In 2018, my husband and I got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. One of the many things I had always dreamed to have at my wedding was confetti, but not just any confetti. I wanted it to be “big” and “extravagant”—YES!


We tried to use natural flower, but it doesn’t go very high and when we put natural flower in air-compressed cannon, it broke apart! Not to mention it’s extremely expensive for the look we were going for.


What about confetti paper?


The problem was confetti paper on the market was not biodegradable, so the venue didn’t allowed us to use it...until I found a type of paper that can dissolve very quickly, tried it with air-compressed cannon and OMG! We did it!! It was beautiful!!! It shot over 25 ft. in the air. All the guests got to pop their own cannons and everyone loved it. Seriously, it was so much fun, and the picture, oh the picture, came out amazing!


And that’s where the idea came from.


Shortly after the honeymoon, I started developing the products to be completely safe. Through careful research and hardwork, my team and I were able to create an all-new confetti technology tested and approved by BOKE as air-compressed, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-heat generating and of grade-A material.”



She narrates further,  



“It was our goal to create the best quality air-compressed confetti cannon on the market. Our topmost priority was to make something EXTRA beautiful, yet safe. We also care about the Earth, and that’s why we offer a large selection of biodegradable confetti as well.


At LOVE & CONFETTI, we’re so much more stylist than our competitors, and we create our products with love. That’s why we let you choose from a large variety of confetti shapes, colors, and themes wrapped with beautiful packaging details.


We want to be a part of your Special Day by helping you create the most beautiful and long-standing memories. To have you share the photo of your wedding, gender reveal, birthday, and other celebrations with our product is so rewarding.



"I really love what we do, and we put a lot of thoughts, time, and energy behind this company.”


                                                                                              Riya Smith