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8 Reasons you should use biodegradable confetti for your wedding or gender reveal party

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Cultures have been tossing confetti for hundreds of years to celebrate important moments. The first mention of confetti came from the ancient Greeks. They made custom branches, leaves, and garlands to throw over one another during big celebrations. So, while the definition of confetti may have adapted over the years, the sentiment remains the same.

Now, we’re in the process of adapting the idea of confetti once again. The problem is “traditional” confetti options are wholly unsustainable and negatively impacting our environment. So, we’ve adapted and created a new sustainable option: biodegradable confetti!

What is biodegradable confetti?

Biodegradable confetti is confetti that you can safely use to celebrate your event, knowing it will break down without causing ecological harm. Confetti pieces are 100% safe to be released in natural environments like an outdoor wedding or gender reveal party.

The best part is it looks and feels like traditional confetti, but you can safely use it for your outdoor event! Our biodegradable confetti cannons shoot over 25 ft into the air, so you’ll be sure to create unforgettable memories.

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5 Reasons why biodegradable confetti is better than traditional confetti

1. Safe for the environment

Biodegradable confetti is perfect for couples wanting to make a simple and eco-friendly purchase for their event. After the confetti is thrown, it quickly breaks down. Confetti pieces are 100% safe for plants and animals, so you can rest assured that no animals were harmed after your event.

2. Less clean-up

Let’s be honest; cleaning up after a beautiful event is the worst part. With biodegradable confetti, the clean-up process might require a lot less effort.

Reminder to check with your venue. If you rent a venue, they will usually include confetti clean-up requirements in their policies. If not, just ask them!

3. A variety of beautiful options

Using biodegradable confetti adds beauty to your celebration. Biodegradable options come in many different shapes and colors and will only add to the beauty of your event.

One of our favorite pieces at Love & Confetti is our Butterfly Gender Reveal Cannon. One of our customers, Su, said her sister thought there were real butterflies in the party photos.

4. Be a trendsetter

The demand for sustainable wedding ideas is increasing year after year. Be at the forefront of this trend while positively impacting the environment with your biodegradable wedding confetti.

5. It may be required

If you are renting a venue, it may be required that you use biodegradable confetti. Venues prefer biodegradable options because they protect and preserve the natural elements of the venue. Wedding venues especially dislike traditional confetti options because they can be hard to clear and remove. Remnants can leave the otherwise beautiful venue looking messy. So, by purchasing a biodegradable alternative, you’re already one step ahead!

How much biodegradable confetti do I need?

It depends on your desired aesthetic, but here is a reasonable estimate:

  • Wedding confetti: one six-pack of biodegradable confetti cannons per table.

    • This way, every table can participate in the fun!

  • Gender reveal confetti: one six-pack of biodegradable confetti cannons.

    • Give them to partygoers around the venue and start the countdown to the reveal!


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