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All you need to know about wedding confetti

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The action, glitter, and the colors of confetti represent the rain of tiny little rainbow happiness over you. It is the most popular way people love to choose as a way to celebrate love, joy, and happiness.

When you plan to make it rain confetti glory at your celebrations, there are few things you must have to be clear about. Love & Confetti is a brand that loves to be the part of your precious moments in the most creative and friendly way. Here are few of the answers of commonly asked questions:

Do you actually know about the best confetti cannon?

The best confetti cannon is one that has four main features:

  1. Reliability to work just right at the big moment.

  2. Eco-friendly without the shiny plastic stuff with the ability to biodegrade.

  3. Impressive with the perfect size and effective working.

  4. Customized with no multicolor options as it doesn’t work. To make it personalized, choose color mix to complement your theme.

What are the types of cannon confetti & which type is the best?

There are two main types of canon confetti:

  1. Hand-held Confetti cannon that is simple and highly effective. It is the best option you can use for your wedding or a birthday party. Hand-held confetti cannons are card tubes filled with a small cylinder of Nitrogen. As Nitrogen releases from the cylinder, it forces the confetti in the air.

  2. Remote-control Confetti cannon with wireless battery power it is an excellent option to create a real surprise.

How to operate confetti cannon?

Confetti cannon is easy to operate, and you can fire cannon just by twisting the bottom section of the cannon and compressed confetti bursts out. You simply need to remove the safety label and twist.

What are biodegradable confetti cannon & how quickly confetti degrades?

The traditional metallic confetti is made of UPC th